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About Southeast Foundation


In 1975, New York State’s approach to providing for adults with developmental disabilities was to institutionalize people. In January of that year, at the same time, a group of volunteers from the Alden and Lancaster, NY, area started a community-based, family-oriented center to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities.

By the 1980s, the State began moving these adults out of institutions and into the community. The proper support and resources that this group of people would need to make the transition from institutional community life were lacking, and we responded to that need.

By contrast, during the 1990s, the program started by the group of volunteers in 1975 had grown into a community work center.

Through the years, the organization has supported its scope of programs and services as well as expanded the number of program participants and their families. As a result we have initiated opportunities for people, even when government money was not available.

Southeast Foundation Today

In 2018, the programs merged with People Inc., Western New York’s leading health and human services agency. Southeast Foundation raised funds to enhance employment opportunities for adults with disabilities served by People Inc.:

  • Support 550 people employed throughout Western New York
  • 240 business partners
  • 140 people receive vocational services in our Contract Manufacturing program

More information about overall programs and services at People Inc. is on the website.